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At AECG, we redefine automotive maintenance and repairs with a comprehensive suite of services designed to optimize your vehicle’s performance. Our skilled technicians specialize in diesel engine rebuilds, diesel injector pump rebuilds, and turbo rebuilds, ensuring precision and longevity for your engine components.


Going beyond traditional offerings, we introduce innovative solutions such as engine oil sample testing, allowing us to proactively monitor your engine’s health. What sets us apart is our commitment to delivering top-notch services at the best prices, making premium automotive care accessible to all. Choose AECG for an unparalleled combination of expertise, innovation, and affordability in every maintenance and repair solution we provide.

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We pride ourselves on getting our clients up and running and keeping their equipment in good working order. We can provide onsite service via our mobile units for general repairs.

The best solution is to ensure you have an expert regularly service all equipment. Equipment that is operating continuously requires regular preventive maintenance to prevent breakdown.

Count on us for meticulous maintenance and swift repairs to keep your turbochargers, diesel fuel injection pumps, and related components running at peak efficiency. Trust us for reliable service that goes beyond expectations.

One-stop solution for all your automotive needs – whether you’re in the market for high-performance Engines, turbos, precision injectors, robust fuel pumps, or any other essential components, we’ve got you covered.

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